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The whetstones

We carry three whetstones — Bregenzer medium grit, Styria synthetic coarse and Rozutec fine grit.

The Bregenzer is our general purpose whetstone.  It's what we send with The Outfit and what we recommend most for sharpening and honing scythe blades. These are natural stones quarried in Austria. Only the narrow edges are used for sharpening, and the wide edges are left rough when the stones are cut.
The stones are about 9 inches long and vary in thickness, averaging about a half inch. They range in color from gray to gray-blue — beautiful stones.

The Styria whetstones are very coarse. We recommend these stones for light repairs, setting the initial edge after peening with a jig, sickle sharpening and sharpening American style scythe blades. These stones remove too much metal to be suitable for regular use such as honing, but are a great addition to intermediate and advanced sharpeners' tool kits.
The Styria stones are 9 inches long and about a half inch thick.

The Rozutec whetstones are the finest grit stones we offer. These stones are hand quarried in Slovakia and give a razor sharp edge to scythe blades. They're also our most suitable stone for knife sharpening.  The stones are smooth on all sides and rounded on the narrow edges. Their reputation in Europe is similar to Arkansas stones in the U.S.
Rozutec stones are 9 inches long and about a half inch thick.


Published on Feb 4, 2015 by Emily
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