Bush Blades

Bush Blades

A Note About Bush Blades

Bush blades are heavy, short and rugged. They are specialized for the business of cutting woody stems and coarse brush. They have limited versatility and are not good all-around blades. We recommend bush blades only for extreme conditions. We use this style blade to thin small spruce & fir saplings in our woods. A ditch blade can handle a wider range of coarse weeds, light brush, grass and is more adaptable. For detailed information on bush blades, we recommend reading the following articles:

Styria Bush blade

Styria Bush Blades

We carry Styria Bush Blades for both left and right hand mowers. Right hand blades come in three sizes 16"/40 cm, 18"/45 cm & 20"/50 cm. Left hand bush blades are available in lengths of 18”/45 cm and 20”/50 cm. The 16" blade is excellent for culling closely spaced saplings in a woodlot. Because of its short length you can easily pick and choose which trees to keep and which to remove. The extra length of the 20" makes it great for cutting a wide swath through dense growths of heavy bushes such as hardhack (Spirea tomentosa) and meadowsweet (Spirea latifolia) or berry canes. The 18" is a fine compromise between the two. Any of these blades will easily cut saplings up to ¾" diameter.

Styria Bush Blade - 16"/40cm $80
Styria Bush Blade - 18"/45cm $80 Temp. out of stock
Styria Bush Blade - 20"/50cm $80 Temp. out of stock

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