Perry Maine SnathPerry Maine Snaths are made in our workshop here on the 45th parallel.We've developed our own design incorporating innovations that we believe are improvements. Lightweight, well balanced with joints that fit tightly without annoying play. Native white ash is used for the shaft with rock maple handles and stem. The grips are positioned for a comfortable upright stance that does not strain the back. This snath will fit any of our blades. Complete with high quality mounting ring, wrench and assembly instructions.

$60 for either straight or curved. order

The curved version is best for grass blades and the straight version is recommended for bush blades. Read our article on snath selection for more information.

Each snath will be custom sized to fit you without any additional charge. Please give us the following body measurements:

Hip measure point
  • Overall height with shoes on.
  • Ground to hip - the head or ball of the femur not your waist. For a man this is the widest part of your hips. Feel for the pivot point of the joint while moving your leg.
  • Elbow to outstretched middle finger (the cubit).

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Guidelines for proper fit
With the blade mounted, hold the scythe upright next to you. The lower grip should be about hip level (the widest point of your hips). The upper grip should be at your chin or below. Put your elbow on the lower grip and point your fingers toward the upper grip, it should be out of reach by 1–3 inches.

Fitting a snath is not an exact science. The variables of the human body and your mowing technique make a very complex equation. These guidelines are only a starting point.

Assembly instructions for Perry Maine snaths.

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